This page explains the privacy policies of Grundig Intermedia GmbH (“Grundig”).

Grundig will only collect and use personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email address and telephone number, for the purpose for which you provided the data or to give you news of Grundig promotions and new products. Your personally identifiable data will only be used within the Grundig group and by business partners who are commissioned by us to fulfil your request.

Grundig adopts best practices and technologies to safeguard your personally identifiable information against loss, damage, corruption, manipulation, unauthorised access and unauthorised disclosure. If you have any questions regarding Grundig’s data security please do not hesitate to contact our webmaster at sedef.qian(at)beko(dot)com

This website site and database are hosted on [ ] and managed for us by [ ].

Cross-references or Hyperlinks on Grundig websites may connect to Internet sites run by other companies. Grundig cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for the content of such sites or their data security policies.

Every effort is made to ensure that all information, content and data shown on the Grundig website in relation to Grundig products, services, news and promotions is accurate, up to date and complete. However due to continuous product improvement and other changing conditions Grundig reserves the right to make changes to products and technical data, and other website content without prior notice. Grundig will treat all complaints relating to website information in a fair and reasonable way but ultimately will not be held responsible for any loss, inconvenience or action taken based on the information provided in good faith on this website.

The copyright in all text and images on this site belongs to Grundig or its licensors. You may view, download and print for your own reference only and for circulation strictly within your own organisation, but may not modify or make any further use of or copy to any other person, or make any commercial use of whatsoever, without Grundig’s specific written permission.

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